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1.1 Name

The name of the organisation is the E-hailing Partners Council (EPCO), hereinafter referred to as the “COUNCIL”.

1.2 Legal status

1.2.1 The Council is a corporate body with perpetual succession and legal existence independent of its affiliates. Continue to exist even when its membership changes and there are different office bearers.
1.2.2 No affiliate has any right to its assets.
1.2.3 The Council may sue and be sued in its own name.

1.3 Structure

The Council consists of the following structures –
1.3.1 Affiliates to National Congress (“NC”).
1.3.2 Affiliates to National Structure (“NS”).
1.3.3 Affiliates to National Executive Committee (“NEC”).
1.3.4 Provincial Congress (“PC”).
1.3.5 Provincial Executive Committee (“PEC”).
1.3.6 Provincial Committee (“PC”).
1.3.7 Regional Congress ("RC");
1.3.8 Regional Executive Committee (“REC”); and
1.3.9 Regional Committee (“RC”)

EPCO Organogram

EPCO referred to as ‘The Council’ is the official representative & governing body of the ehailing industry. It is a Body co-perate governed by board of Directors & it’s Subordinate structures guided by its Constitution, Memorandum of incorporation, & National Land Transport Act 2009.

Top structure is National leadership, the Board of Directors: made up of board members who are Provincial executives & deployed by Provincial Committees. Minimum of 5 or maximum of 21 board members.

1st Subordinate is Provincial Committees of all the 9 South African provinces: made up of leaders elected by members through Provincial Summits. 5 Executive leadership + portfolio officials.

2nd Subordinate is Regional Committees: made up of leaders elected by members & affiliates through regional summits. 5 Executive leadership + portfolio officials.

3rd & last Subordinate Associations, Sub-regions & individual e-hailing operators: who have taken membership/affiliation by completing the membership form by agreeing to the pledge, committing to the constitution & confirmed/allocated a membership/affiliate number.
Being in good standing through paid joining fee & being up to date with subscription, active participation & good conduct. Access to crucial info & participation in EPCO initiatives, Voting rights & inputs/consultations & other benefits.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Council are:

  • To fight for e-hailing Operators rights by –

Securing social and economic justice for all drivers; Economic empowerment of operators to establish and benefit from the entire value chain.

Advance, promote and protect the interest of its affiliates and that of members of its affiliates, in particular, and the e-hailing industry in

Represent its affiliates at all levels of the government and the private Sector, by lobbying for laws and policies conducive for the growth and development of the e-hailing industry;

Striving for just standards of living, social security and welfare and fair conditions of work for all by: Ensuring fair labour practices by all its members, thereby promoting the Interests of all members employees/ drivers. Champion for positive standards of humanity and care for all Operators & Drivers.

Advancing or opposing any law, action or policy of any authority or corporate body affecting the interests, rights and privileges of affiliates in particular, or the e-hailing Drivers in general;

Facilitating and co-ordinating education and training of all drivers so as to further the interests of the Operators & Drivers;

Conducting, co-ordinating and publishing research into matters affecting e-hailing in general;

Take all such steps as may be deemed necessary by “THE COUNCIL”, to preclude any misconduct on the part of any of the Council & members or the Drivers of such members, to report such misconduct to the authorities concerned, and to take such further steps regarding the suspension or expulsion of defaulting Members as may be deemed necessary;

Contribute to the growth of the country’s economy by expanding Entrepreneurship therefore creating employment opportunities

  • To build solidarity by:

Encouraging all Operators & Drivers to join progressive, democratic and formal E-hailing Groups/ Associations of their choice;

Striving for a united Operators and Drivers Council/Associations regardless of race, colour, creed or sex;

  • To encourage creation of e-hailing regional committee structures by:

Forming broadly based Organisation/Associations across the E-hailing industry in all regions where none exist;

Assisting Associations operating in the same region to merge into broadly based structures;

  • To support affiliates by:

Encouraging co-operation among affiliates;

Co-ordinating joint activities;

Creating a Platform/forum(s) to achieve common goals and perform such actions as they are necessary to achieve these goals;

Resolving disputes between affiliates and within the Council or Associations;

Instituting or defending legal proceedings affecting affiliates or the Council;

Abide by a code of conduct and apply disciplinary procedures in respect of transgression of the Code of Conduct and to amend the rules; and the contents hereby.

  • To manage finances and assets by:

Raising and acquiring funds by affiliation fees or by any other legal means in order to further these aims and objectives;

Purchasing, leasing, hiring or acquiring any movable and immovable property and rights which the Council may deem necessary; and pursue business initiatives in the best interest of members & the industry.

  • To pursue any action which may be in the interests of the Council and its affiliates and which are consistent with this Constitution.
  • Cooperate with other modes of Transports to enhance co-existence and achieve mutual beneficiation.

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