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We, the Organisation representatives/members firmly commit ourselves to a unified democratic e-hailing industry in South Africa, viable economic opportunities, free of oppression and economic exploitation.

E-HAILING PARTNERS COUNCIL calls on all those OPERATORS who identify with this commitment to join us and the Driver Owners/Drivers whom we represent, as comrades in the struggle ahead.
We call on all Groups or Entities to strive to unite their members in their ranks without discrimination and prejudice. We seek to protect and further the interests of all Operators/drivers. Our struggle is inspired by the mantra of e-hailing industry solidarity: “Unity in Diversity”

Our Members

A “member" means a voluntary person, other than an official, who holds membership and has specified rights in the council.

Our Legislation & POPIA

Apart from the companies Act 71 of 2008 & NLTA 2009 as Amended as well as the Councils, Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI), Constitution, the operation of “EPCO” is affected by a host of other laws.

About EPCO

The Council is a corporate body with perpetual succession and legal existence independent of its affiliates. Continue to exist even when its membership changes and there are different office bearers.

We strongly believe that it is reasonably attainable under the democratic leadership of a united e-hailing Operators and Drivers. To optimally function and achieve the much-desired organisational mission, objectives and goals the following distinct tasks will need to be executed:

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